Fugitive Emission Surveys

At Resolve Solutions, we specialize in identifying fugitive emissions, using cutting-edge technology to ensure industry-leading safety and sustainability.

Methane has been shown to be a powerful greenhouse gas (GHG) that is 25 times more potent than CO2 and makes up approximately 15% of Canada’s total GHG emissions. In 2018, the Government of Canada committed to reduce methane emissions from the oil and gas sector by 40-45% from 2012 levels by 2025 and subsequently developed federal regulations pertaining to the release of methane from oil and gas facilities. In 2019, the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta released provincial regulations, both of which required comprehensive surveys to be conducted at oil and gas infrastructure at set frequencies.

Based out of Fort St John, BC, Resolve Energy Solutions, is a local provider of Fugitive Emissions services and we have provided services instrumental in the development and or execution of fugitive emissions management plans for numerous producers in Northeast BC and Northwest Alberta.

List of Services:

  • BCER FEMP Guideline, AER Dir 084 and AER Dir 060 Compliant Comprehensive Surveys
  • FEMP Development and Execution
  • AVO Screenings
  • Acoustic Leak Detection
  • Compressor Seal Vent Measurements
  • Document and Verify Repairs, closing the loop from inspection to repair documentation
  • Survey data stored and archived on a secure online data platform CNTRAL
  • Submission of survey results to Regulator (BCER)
  • Custom Report Generation for Emission Reduction Targets

Key Equipment used at Resolve:

FLIR GF320 Gas Find IR Camera

Long the industry standard camera for conducting OGI surveys, the FLIR GF320 detects hydrocarbon and volatile organic compound emissions from natural gas facilities. Using the GF320, OGI Imaging technicians can inspect thousands of components and see gas leaks in real-time. The GF320 is highly sensitive, with a detection limit of 0.8g of methane (CH4) per hour. The GF320 can film in multiple modes and permits non-invasive quantification of leaks using Q-Mode when a QL320 tablet is integrated with this gas leak finding instrumentation.

Providence Photonics QL320 Quantification Tablet

In an effort to maximize efficiencies and lower cost, Resolve recently acquired the ability to quantify gas leak quantification digitally versus manually using quantitative optical gas imaging (QOGI). The QL320 is an add-on devices to IR camera models GF320 and GFx320 manufactured by FLIR Systems and allows users who to quantify leak rates in liters per minute using the camera footage alone. Furthermore, QOGI permits the quantification to be completed in the office or in the field. Utilizing this novel approach, we have reduced our time on-site during surveys by as much as 30% compared to a similar scope of work conducted using the more historical hi-flow sampler quantification method. Furthermore, this method is non-invasive as the operator does not need to encompass the component source to quantify the leak. This advantage allows the QL320 to quantify leaks that are at heights or in areas that could put the inspector in harms way. While the QL320 may not have as accurate measurements of its predecessor, its ability to quantify a higher number of leaks in difficult to measure areas is a welcomed advancement in this industry as fewer use of emission factors is required when this technology is utilized.

As an early adopter of this technology, Resolve is well versed in its application compared to many newcomers to the industry who are slowly embracing this new technology. QOGI has a reported detection span of 0.01 – 10 CFM, thus also offering a more dynamic range than the Hi-Flow Sampler.

Bacharach Hi-Flow Sampler

In addition to the QL320, Resolve has a Bacharach Hi-Sampler that can be used for quantification. The Hi-Flow Sampler is a portable, intrinsically safe, battery-powered instrument with the ability to accurately measure leak rates of all natural gas components. The Hi Flow Sampler allows an accurate emission or leak rate to be made by sampling at a large flow rate to completely capture all the gas leaking from the component. The instrument measures the flow rate of the sampling stream and the natural gas concentration and then calculates the actual leak rate in real time, which can be viewed on the LCD. Other features include data logging, auto calibration, background measurement, and an assortment of sampling accessories. The unit is all contained in a backpack to aid in mobility. The Hi-Flow sampler has a reported detection span of 0.05-8.00 CFM with a high level of accuracy.

CNTRAL Data Management

As stated in Manual 016 from the AER, “One of the most difficult components of any FEMP is managing the collection and flow of data. Most programs that fail are due to inconsistent or incomplete data collection and inadequate communication of data among the FEMP team.” Resolve realizes that efficient data management and delivery is valuable, especially when dealing with large volumes of data. In an effort to improve data management efficiency, Resolve has joined with CNTRAL, an innovative data management platform designed to help better manage data with a focus on fugitive emissions. CNTRAL™ incorporates real time data capturing, survey scheduling, inspection and repair logging and a regulatory engine that will help ensure compliance with the latest regulations. CNTRAL provides users with a variety of reporting options and export templates, including a direct export into the BCER CSV format for trouble free e-submissions to the regulator.

Resolve is a CNTRAL Certified business partner and is able to set up a secure account for our clients to store and archive all fugitive emission inspections performed by Resolve. Contact us today to receive a demo of the CNTRAL platform!

Flir GF320 Thermal IR Camera

Flir GF320 Thermal IR Camera