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At Resolve Solutions, we combine state-of-the-art technology with eco-friendly practices to safely decommission oil and gas assets. We're also a leading regulatory service provider, offering fugitive emission detection, surface casing testing, and more.

Resolve Solutions portable drill and truck

Resolve Solutions

Services that Deliver Results

An oil and gas well site being decommissioned by Resolve Solutions.


Expertly managing the end-of-life of oil and gas assets, we ensure safe, environmentally responsible asset retirement of well sites, pipelines, and facilities.

Thermal image of a gas leak being detected by Resolve Solutions.

Fugitive Emission Surveys

Utilizing advanced leak detection equipment and techniques, our team expertly detects gas leaks and site deficiencies, ensuring operational safety and reducing environmental impact.

Regulatory testing being performed on a well site by a Resolve Solutions employee.

Regulatory Compliance

Navigate the evolving landscape of regulatory requirements with ease. Our comprehensive testing and inspection services guarantee compliance and foster industry-leading standards.

Crew running an environmental drilling rig.

Environmental Drilling

Pioneering eco-friendly drilling solutions, we minimize environmental impact while maximizing operational efficiency, ensuring sustainable practices.