Environmental Drilling

Explore our diverse fleet of specialized drilling equipment. We excel in groundwater well installation and decommissioning, efficient augering techniques, and precise Shelby tube installation, all conducted with the utmost respect for environmental integrity and safety.

Bombardier Tracked Drills

Resolve’s Bombardier tracked drill units are ideal for accessing remote locations where low ground pressure is required. Our units are compact and drill efficiently to depths of 45ft in 5ft (single auger flight) increments. Resolve currently has 2 of these units in our fleet.

  • 3400 ft/lbs of torque
  • Capable to drill to 45ft in most soil conditions
  • Low ground pressure with 2' wide metal cleated tracks
  • Equipped with 6" solid stem augers
  • Suitable for ground water well installations
  • 14000 lb wet weight & low mob costs
  • Shelby tube capable
  • 30000 lbs of pull back force
Environmental drilling equipment in the snow

Morooka Tracked Drill

Resolve has recently added to our drill fleet with RD4. This drill is a very versatile tracked drill unit in our that is equipped with a mast capable of a 10 ft stroke for efficient augering and ground water well installation. Mounted atop a Mitsubishi LD400, the drill is equipped with a 10ft mast and a winch line for rapid auger retrieval. From soil sampling to ground water well installations, this rig is sure to get the job done.

  • 7000 ft/lbs of torque
  • Able to drill to 100ft in most soil conditions
  • 1 x 10000lb winch line
  • Equipped with 6″ solid stem and 4.25″ hollow stem augers
  • Shelby tube sampling
  • Ground water well installation & decommissioning
  • 20000 lbs of pull back force
  • 16300 lb wet weight
  • 10 ft of stroke for efficient sampling
  • Low mobilization cost
Drillers performing work on an oil and gas site


We're proud to introduce our latest drill unit! With a Mobil B56 Deck Engine this workhorse is a welcome addition to our fleet and was designed with our clients needs in mind.

  • 8000 ft/lbs of torque
  • Capable to drill to 90ft in most soil conditions
  • Dual winchlines and secondary mast for rapid auger retrieval
  • Equipped with 6" solid stem augers
  • Suitable for ground water well installations
  • 800 series Morooka carrier
  • Shelby tube capable
  • 20000 lbs of pull back force
Resolve RD3 drill unit

Heli-Portable Drill

Through strategic collaborations with industry partners, Resolve Solutions offers quick and reliable access to heli-portable environmental drill units. These partnerships enable us to deliver fast, efficient drilling solutions in even the most remote or challenging environments, ensuring our clients receive top-tier drilling services with minimal delay.

Helicopter portable drilling unit