About Resolve

Resolve was founded in 2007 as a well optimization and stimulation company (Stimulate Well Optimization).  In 2010 a regulatory compliance focused division of Stimulate was created (Resolve) and much of the day to day operations were focused on suspended wellsite inspections, surface casing vent testing, and various pressure testing (packer isolation tests, wellhead seals, etc.) services.  Throughout the past 8 years of focusing on regulatory compliance, Resolve has diversified to provide additional services such as pipeline decommissioning and abandonment, right of way inspections and asset retirement of oil and gas facilities and well sites.

In 2019 Resolve Energy Solutions Inc. acquired Thermal Scan Ventures Ltd, which had been providing fugitive emission and thermal electrical surveys since 2014 to many upstream oil and gas producers in NEBC and NWAB. Resolve’s acquisition of Thermal Scan expands our scope of services complements our other regulatory services making Resolve a true ‘one stop shop’ for Regulatory Compliance.

In 2020, Resolve again expanded our service lines to include environmental drilling services to the Peace region. The addition of environmental drilling to our scope of services aligned with our companies values and has proven to integrate well with our existing decommissioning services as producers are looking for efficiencies in moving their portfolio of sites to closure. With a fleet of tracked drills and an team of experienced drillers, Resolve has assisted environmental consultants in the environmental assessment of over 200 well sites in BC.

Resolve provides a diverse service offering to our clients – From decommissioning of facilities and well sites to performing comprehensive fugitive emission surveys, we continuously look for ways to service our clients in a safe and cost effective manner. We pride ourselves in offering an expansive scope of services to meet the regulatory, abandonment, and decommissioning  needs of the upstream oil and gas sector.

Joffre Jorgenson
Owner of Resolve Energy Solutions