Optical Gas Imaging Services

In 2019, Resolve Energy Solutions Inc. expanded our regulatory service offerings through the acquisition of Thermal Scan Ventures Ltd in 2019.  Thermal Scan Ventures has been providing IR imaging services in NEBC since 2014. Since the acquisition, Resolve has dedicated a number of resources to further bolster this service offering by investing in the latest technology for leak quantification as well as partnering with CNTRAL to provide a robust and state of the art online platform to store and archive all results and imagery associated with our comprehensive surveys.

List of Services

  • Fugitive Emissions
  • Thermal Scans of Electrical Systems
  • GHG Inventories and Field Measurements
  • Online platform for centralized data management – CNTRAL

In an effort to maximize efficiencies and lower cost, Resolve recently acquired a new technology that allows gas quantification digitally versus manually.  The gas quantification can be completed in the office instead of the field and field surveys can be completed more efficiently than historical methods employed. Resolve estimates that costs will be reduced by 30% to complete similar scope of work compared to manual gas quantification method using a high-flow sampler.

Resolve realizes that efficient data management and data delivery is valuable, especially when dealing with large volumes of data.  In an effort to improve data management efficiency, Resolve has joined with CNTRAL, an innovative data management platform designed to help better manage data with a focus on fugitive emissions. CNTRAL incorporate real time data capturing, virtual tag identification, inspection and repair logging and a regulatory engine that will help ensure compliance with the latest regulations. Resolve is a CNTRAL Certified business partner and is able to set up a secure account for our clients to store and archive all fugitive emission inspections performed by Resolve.