IR Imaging Services

In 2019, Resolve Energy Solutions Inc. expanded our regulatory service offerings through the acquisition of Thermal Scan Ventures Ltd in 2019.  Thermal Scan Ventures has been providing IR imaging services since 2014. Since the acquisition, Resolve has dedicated a number of resources to further bolster this service offering by investing in the latest technology for leak quantification as well as partnering with CNTRAL to provide a robust and state of the art online platform to store and archive all results and imagery associated with our comprehensive surveys.

List of Services include:

  • Fugitive Emission Surveys – BCOGC FEMP Guideline, AER Dir 084 and AER Dir 060 Compliant
  • Thermal Scans of Electrical Systems for Troubleshooting
  • Troubleshoot drives and bearings
  • Identify flow inefficiencies in gas processing equipment – heat exchangers, contactors, coolers
  • Identify dead legs and solids buildup in process equipment and flowlines
  • Quantify Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission volumes at venting sources
  • GHG Inventories and Field Measurements
  • Online platform for centralized data management – CNTRAL
Sizeable leak at Compressor Connector
Leak from regulator body – Quantified by QOGI