Shearing a Facility
Pile Removal with Powerhead
Wellhead cut Internally with WaterJet

Resolve has been providing decommissioning services to producers in NEBC and NWAB since 2014, undertaking and successfully executing projects of all magnitudes during this time. Throughout this work. Resolve has decommissioned over 600 well sites and facilities safely and efficiently. We have logged in excess of 100,000 injury free man-hours while providing these services.

Resolveā€™s extensive experience in this space has resulted in our operations realizing considerable efficiencies in conducting this type of work with each project. As such, Resolve has amassed a considerable amount of specialty equipment in our Asset Retirement division to provide tailored solutions for our customers decommissioning needs that maximize our efficiency without sacrificing the integrity of our work or the safety of our employees.

List of Services Include: