Commitment to Safety and Environment

Resolve believes that safety is our first priority and we have created a culture throughout our company to protect the health, safety and environment of all employees, clients and stakeholders.

Resolve is a member of the PIR (Partners in Injury Reduction) program, with ENFORM as our certifying partner.  Resolve is COR certified and compliant in the following safety programs:


The team at Resolve utilizes an online data management application called Safety Sync to oversee our Safety Management System (SMS).  From an HR perspective, the system manages employee information, training documentation and competency assessments.  It also ensures that all due diligence requirements, such as general inspection records, hazard assessment records, toolbox and safety meeting records are properly maintained.   All of our incidents (including near misses) and investigations are also managed by our online tool.  Full visibility and reports are easily provided to all clients and auditors.

Resolve has a complete environmental management program which can be catered to the specific requirements of clients.  We pride ourselves on being very proactive, with annually revised environmental targets.