Induced Seismicity Monitoring

Local & Cost Effective Ground Motion Monitoring for your Frac

In response to industry related induced seismic events, the BCOGC released a bulletin in 2016 outlining requirements to conduct ground motion monitoring at drilling pad locations within certain areas within NEBC (shown at right) that are considered to be at increased risk for seismic events due to industry activity.

As part of this monitoring, a minimum of one ground motion monitor per pad location must be installed within within 3 km. If additional monitors are deployed they must be within 5 km of the surface location. Ground motion monitoring is to occur during all injection and pumping operations during hydraulic fracturing operations and it is recommended to continue monitoring during flowback operations.

Resolve is the only provider in NEBC Ground motion monitoring equipment and we utilize the industry leading Kinemetrics ETNA 2 Accelerometers. These accelerometers are powered with a series of 12 V batteries that can be maintained with the addition of a solar panel so that they may be deployed for months at a time without interuption. The ETNA2 accelerometers exceed all the sensitivity requirements of the BCOGC which are provided below:
– Dynamic range: +/- 2g
– Minimum detection of 0.005g

Furthermore, Resolve accelerometers continuously monitor at 200 samples per second (sps) and are set to trigger for all seismic events observed in excess of the BCOGCs threshold of 0.008g and immediately capture the waveform in both mini-SEED and SEED formats for processing and submission to the regulator.
Lastly, Resolve has partnered with a 3rd party data processing company to perform any in depth processing required in the event a seismic event is recorded and will prepare the necessary reports for submission to the regulator.

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Accelerometer Station Installed
ETNA2 Accelerometer