Pipeline Deactivation and Abandonment

Pipeline Abandonment

Resolve’s personnel have been performing pipeline deactivation and abandonment services since 2014 and have successfully completed over 500 deactivations and hundreds of abandonments without incident. Resolve is well equipped to complete pipeline abandonment in accordance with Chapter 11 of the Oil and Gas Activity Act and CSA Standard Z662.

Below grade cutting of pipelines is completed using our 60,000 psi waterjet cutting unit or our internal pipe cutting tool.  Our internal pipe cutting tool can cut 2 – 4 inch pipeline while our waterjet is used to internally cut piping that is 4 inches or greater. A mechanical plug is engraved with all pertinent information (license, to and from locations, permit holder name, and date of abandonment) and is anchored in the pipeline just above the elbow where the piping goes lateral. Next, the cutting tool is lowered into the pipeline and the cutting is completed in a matter of minutes. The surface piping is then removed from the ground and the hole is filled in.  This is an ideal method for most surface pipeline removal as there is little to no ground disturbance. Alternatively, if excavation of the pipelines to lease edge is required for remedial activities, this can be completed with our 250 series excavators with the same plugging procedure as outline above taking place at the pipeline at lease edge.