Well Site Decommissioning

Pile removal with 60K ft/lb powerhead
Wellhead Cut Internally with 60K PSI WaterJet
Ground Crews dismantling a Wellsite

With over 400,000 wells across BC and AB in varying stages of their life cycles, well site decommissioning is becoming an important focal point for both regulators and producers to ensure Canada’s natural resources are extracted to the highest environmental standards. In 2019, the BCOGC released a new Dormant Sites Regulation that was developed to increase the rate in which inactive sites are returned to their pre-activity state by setting firm timelines for the below remedial activities:

  • Decommissioning
  • Site Assessment

  • Remediation
  • Restoration

Since 2014, Resolve has successfully decommissioned over 650 well sites for a variety of producers in NEBC as well as for the BC and AB orphan well associations. In our experience, each producer takes a different approach to the decommissioning of their inactive well sites, with each method requiring various types of equipment to complete the work in safe and efficient manner. Resolve’s extensive list of specialized equipment permits Resolve to offer a tailored approach to well site decommissioning to meet our client’s needs. Simply put, Resolve is going to W.A.R on Wellsite Abandonment Costs:

The Resolve Approach

  • Pulling or spinning out piles with our 65,000 ft/lb torque power-head with our 250 series excavator
  • Excavating pipelines to lease edge, capping pipeline with identifier tag.
  • Removal of surface equipment
  • Cutting, capping and pulling wellhead with our 60,000 psi Waterjet
  • Project Management to ensure work is completed on-time and on-budget.

Value Added Components

  • Pigging, cleaning, and purging of pipelines
  • 45-ton cranes and heavy truck/trailers for moving salvageable equipment to its next destination
  • Shear and Power-head excavator attachments for surface piping and pile removal.
  • Qualified Technicians to perform NORMS Surveys of on-site piping.
  • Can assess likelihood of asbestos on-site: determine if asbestos abatement survey is required.
Trucks Hauling Metal Recyling and Waste from Site

Wellsite Asset Retirement – Hierarchy of Approaches

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